How to Reach an Orgasm with Your Wife Always

There is a world of difference between the sexuality of men and women. Women are sexual being as men. As a man, you need to have insight into how to reach an orgasm with your wife in your relationships.

It is a statement of fact the eyes of a man are major gates to sexual arousal. In other words, sighting a naked woman will naturally get him turned on with an urge that grows in intensity if he keeps gazing on the woman.

Even without physical contact, he may reach the point of ejaculation. This is because his mind will fantasize a sexual scene at that point. That is how sensitive the mind of a man is.

On the other hand, a woman may not necessarily become sexually stimulated if she sees a naked man. Her psyche is not much tuned up as to trigger the release of sex hormones in that case except some other means such as physical contact are employed. So, the body of a woman is her entrance into the desired sexual mood that will make her get orgasm.

Do women enjoy sex?

One of the reasons why most women don’t enjoy sex is because many husbands show a high level of impatience and naivety with their wives during the act of sexual love. Adequate foreplay is the basic prerequisite to help a woman reach her orgasm. Recall that physical touch is the route to erotic love.

Therefore, you should be patient to give her pleasure by caressing the erotic parts of her body until she is well-disposed to intercourse. Do not rush into it.

If you will ever know how to reach an orgasm with a woman, you have got to ask her about those sensitive areas of her body. There may be some other areas apart from her breasts and clitoris, which she may want you to touch. Feel free to explore her body. You need to give her adequate foreplay to get her mind and body in the mood. She will like you for it.

Love without sex?

Have you ever thought of giving her a nice love-making without thinking of intercourse? Most men are selfish; they have their own orgasm in mind. Women have sexuality too. It is your duty to please your wife in bed, hence the importance of knowing how to reach orgasm with your wife.

If she gets involved, it will get to a point where she will reach out for you to begin the thrusting movements. It is very likely that you will reach orgasm almost simultaneously. This is what I have personal experienced from my husband. However, this is a rare experience.

If you do it well, your wife may reach orgasm before you. That will intensify the pleasure since your manhood is still rigid inside her for that kind of vaginal orgasm. That’s how to reach an orgasm with your wife.

More often than necessary, most women feel sexually dissatisfied or starved because they fail to reach orgasm in their sex life. This is because most men do not know what to do with the body of their wives to please them in bed. They have not come to know the gravity of women orgasms in their relationships.

Studies have shown that most women who are not enjoying a good sexual relation are more than likely to fall out of agreement with their husbands in other areas of life.

Sex is the primary factor

It is quite mysterious that sex is a primary factor for a happy marriage relationship. Good sex will make a happy wife. Money and other good possessions cannot replace the need for the highest level of sexual pleasure being referred to as orgasme. As a man, you must ask questions from your wife as regard your life in the bedroom.

Another strange position on women orgasms in the sexual life is that some women have made themselves ‘toys’ that men could play with to satisfy their urge. Unconsciously, they have denied their sexuality as well as their right to enjoy sex in their marriage.

There was the case of a woman who didn’t mind not reaching her orgasm as long as her husband was satisfied. Such kind of women take sex as a way to keep their husband. It is unacceptable. Findings show that the upbringing of such women and possibly the societal views affect their mind, thereby making them unable to accept the fact of women orgasms as possibilities.

Is orgasm necessary?

It is worth stating that women orgasms can best be achieved when husbands take patience to arouse their wives in deep foreplay. However, the wives must first renew their minds and break any psychological barrier that will not allow them to be sexually active.

Self-imposed frigidity should be dealt with. Also, it is a total loss for women who fake orgasm either to make men feel sexually adequate or to cover
their psychological or biological problems about their sex life.



Having an orgasm in a sex encounter is quite easier than you think. Relax your mind and body. Let your husband know your agitations and needs. Be open; he will lovingly respond to satisfy your thirst. Tell him about caressing sexually sensitive parts of your body for a while before the actual coitus.In this case, clitoral massaging is crucial.

Thorough foreplay is the gateway to the heart, mind and body of women for their orgasms.In women orgasms, the accompany pleasure of warmth that covers the whole body is a function of adequate sexual arousal.